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DPC Demolition & Salvage offers a comprehensive dismantling service with efficiency and quality guaranteed.

DPC Demolition & Salvage has a large portfolio of industrial dismantling. We particularly understand clients that need equipment dismantled for salvage or relocation. Structures are dismantled with the highest regard for safety, quality and care. From your initial consultation with us through to the removal of all dismantled elements of your home our team will work with you through every step of the process.

Any material that needs to be salvaged is handled with care and as much of the remaining material as possible is recycled.

We have safe work systems and the experience to plan, coordinate and undertake the most complex dismantling tasks within the most demanding of environments.

Demolition Adelaide

Rich Experience

With over 20 years of varied experience completing demolishing projects, DPC Demolition methodically and safely breaks down buildings and structures without issue or stress.

Committed to delivering an ecologically- friendly service to all of our customers we focus on providing sustainable demolition works. This primarily involves recycling the bulk of the materials left from the demolition, ensuring that they can be used again. Click to see our Salvage Shop.

Our Services

DPC Demolition Adelaide offer a wide range of dismantling services ranging from the removal of specific items within an existing plant to the complete dismantling, packaging, transport, and reassembly of a structure, plant or process.

We have developed a good reputation through our many years of experience in this industry. We always adhere to best business practices. DPC is committed to ensuring that any deconstruction project that we undertake is completed on time by a highly skilled team who deliver exceptional customer service. Our aim is to manage projects so they are completed with minimal disruption.

Contact us if you would like a quote or more information on our clearing service.